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WOD Sessions
Our WOD session (workout of the day) is aimed at getting you FIT, and is suitable for all skill levels, no matter what the workout is on the website we will be able to give you a viable option that will suit your own skill level, come along and try it today.

All WOD sessions are 1 hour in length, if you are attending one of these classes you are expected to be warmed up and ready to go PRIOR to the start of the session, the structure of the classes is such that there is a strength component (30mins) followed by a workout component (30 mins).

Our pool WOD is a recovery/work session and varies from week to week, the pool we use is an indoor heated pool so this session runs year round, you can touch the bottom of the pool the whole time so you don’t have to be an elite swimmer to take part in these WOD’s… come along and have a shot, challenge yourself and add a new dimension to your training. This session runs for 1hr.

If you are not including some form of sprint training into your weekly training routine, then you are missing out.  At these sessions you will develop explosive power and learn what CNS stimulation is all about and how it benefits your body, sessions run for approx 1hour and lead nicely into the Saturday morning WWBC session

WWBC (Werribee Weightlifting and Barbell Club)
Our WWBC sessions are designed to help you improve your skill and ability in the two Olympic lifts, the Snatch and the Clean and jerk, no matter what your skill level is from beginner to advanced Olympic lifting is a skill that can always be improved…. come along and join us, it is always fun, we will get you strong whilst maintaining our focus on Olympic and power type lifting and ancillary exercises associated with these lifts…. if you are feeling that you haven’t yet met your true strength potential then get along and make yourself part of this. This session runs for 1hr.

Open box is intended to let you work on any skills or improvements that you would like to make to your current ability.

Open box IS NOT a class and is not structured, if you are using the box for open box time you are expected to be finished PRIOR to the start of any scheduled session, this is to allow those sessions to run smoothly and to the timetable.

Personal training and small group sessions are available by appointment please inquire if you are interested.


Membership entitles you to participate in any/all of our classes and open gym times (skill level appropriate). You will find a certified CrossFit trainer ready to help coach you through workouts and give you personalized instruction at every session.

Basic Movements/Initial Introductory Classes

Before anyone signs up for a membership they need to complete a 4 course series called Basic Movements. The purpose is to make sure you have a solid understanding of the barbell movements that we do in CrossFit workouts and can perform the movements safely. If you already have a knowledge of these movements, you can “test out” of this series with one of our trainers.

$200.00 ($50.00 x 4 classes)

Membership Packages

  • BRONZE $80.00 Per month
    1 Class per week
    Drop in classes $25.00ea
  • SILVER $120.00 Per month
    2 Classes Per week
    Drop In Classes $25.00ea
  • GOLD $140.00 Per Month
    3 Classes Per week
    Drop In Classes $20.00ea
  • PLATINUM $150.00 Per month
    UNLIMITED Classes
    Family Member Discount – 25% (available on direct debit memberships drawing from the same account only)
    Class Access – Unlimited

** 10% discount for Full-Time/Active Student, Military, Fire for Full-Time Teachers**

All memberships above are based on a 12 month contract, and become un-contracted continuing memberships automatically at the end of the initial 12 months, if you wish to cancel your membership after this time 14 days notice is required prior to your billing date to ensure you are not charged by the billing company.

Month by month membership is also available for your convenience at a cost of $170.00 per month and is an unlimited use membership. Casual visits are available at a cost of $25.00 per visit, however you must have undertaken our foundation course OR tested out of it with one of our coaches.

As a bonus all contracted members are entitled to a 50% discount off any membership at Renegade Health Club or free use with an unlimited membership (platinum direct debit)

Personal Training

1 person, $60/hour (multiple people training together in a one hour training session is $45/person/hour)

Individual Memberships need to be purchased in person. Anyone purchasing a membership must either complete the basic movements series or demonstrate the ability to correctly perform the 9 foundational movements with a barbell.

For any questions regarding membership or pricing please contact us.

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