Saturday 29th November 2014

Hey guys there will be no sessions today as we have a heap of our guys competing in the partners event being held at CrossFit Frankston, if you get a chance come along and show your support, first event kicks off at 9am see you all there.

Adress isĀ 11/47 Frankston Gardens Dr, Carrum Downs

Friday 28th, November:


20 dislocates
20 stick BTN presses
20 forward shoulder rolls (hands on shoulders)
20 backwards shoulder rolls

Partner pec fly stretching

5×5 bench press

5-10min spent on CTB pull-ups

WOD: 3RFT (18.00min cap)
“Fire Breather”
20 DUs
600m run
15 CTB pull-ups
6 burpees to target (6′ above reach)

Wednesday 26th, November:

20s KB squat, pushing knees out
40m walking lunge with torso rotations
20s superman hold
20m walking lunge with rotations
20s superman hold
20s KB squat

5×2 three position – clean pull

With a running clock…
Metcon 1: 0.00-10.00
Facing, burpee box jump overs@24/20
150m run between rounds

Metcon 2: 12.00-
2km airdyne time trial


Tuesday 25th, November:

15 shoulders circles (hands on shoulders replicating front rack) forwards
15 backwards
5 Samson lunge (ea.leg)
15cal row
15s superman hold
15s KB squat hold (forcing knees out with elbows)

1rm hang snatch

500m row
12 backsquats@60/40
21 TTB

Monday 24th, November:


200m group jog (alternating high knees + butt kicks + strides with coach)

3x 6 cal air dyne + 6 around the worlds


3×2 front squat

“Master’s triple take”

3.00 AMRAP

10 thrusters@43/30

10 pull-up

3.00 AMRAP

10 powercleans@43/30

10 burpees

3.00 AMRAP

10 jerks@43/30

10 box jumps

*rest 1.00 between amraps.


Friday 21st, November:



5 inch worms (walking from standing, or from downward facing dog position out and back up)

10 lunges (with torso rotation ea.rep)

5 cal row


work up to max complex -

Clean + FrontSquat (1+1)


18 strict press@50/30

150m row

15 strict press

150m row

12 strict press

150m row

*for every break, on press- add an additional 50m to your final row


Thursday 20th, November:




7s bar hang

7s HS hold (free-hold if possible, or practise floating away from the wall gently)

Strength: (For time)

60 Strict Pullups

WOD: EMOMx (as long as possible)

1st: 2 burpees (increasing by 2 ea. round)

2nd: 2 cal airdyne (increasing by 1 ea. round)

Wednesday 19th, November:


15 leg swings ea. leg

15 lunges (rotating torso ea. rep)

10 bird dogs (on all fours, raise your right arm and left leg simultaneously, repeat on alternate sides)

10 firemans (on all fours, raise your right knee out to the side as high as you can – WITHOUT rotating your body, repeat on opposite sides)


4×8 backsquat (12 x ring rows between ea. set)

WOD: For time -

25 goblet squats@24/16

400m run

25 KBS@24/16

300m run

25 goblet squats@24/16

200m run

25 KBS@24/16

100m run


Accumulate 0.25s in free-standing HS hold